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    NPA-700B-001G - 

    Pressure Sensor; I2C Digital; 1 psi Gauge; Barbed; Surface Mount

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors NPA-700B-001G
    View NPA-700B-001G Datasheet Datasheet
    訂購熱線: 400-900-3095  0755-21000796, QQ:800152669, Email:sales@szcwdz.com


    The NPA product Series is provided in a miniature size as a cost effective solution for applications that require calibrated performance. Packaged in a SOIC-14 pin surface mount, the NPA Series is available in Gage, Absolute or Differential pressure ranges with either mV, amplified analog or digital outputs. The sensor is intended for printed circuit board mounting and delivered in optional tape and reel form to simplify manufacturing handling.
  • Surface Mountable
  • Differential, Gauge, Absolute and Low Pressure
  • 10" H2O to 30 psi Full Scale
  • Analog Amplified Analog or Digital Output
  • Uncalibrated mV Output Option
  • Digital Pressure Signal: 14-Bit ADC/11-Bit DAC
  • On Chip Temperature Sensor in Digital Mode
  • Operating Temperature Range of –40 to 125°C
  • Total Error Band < ±1.5% FSO
  • 60X Overpressure on Ranges <1 psi
  • NPA-700B-001G產品信息

      Accuracy  ±1.5 %  
      Brand/Series  NPA Series  
      Current, Supply  1.5 mA  
      Features  Temperature Compensated  
      Function  Pressure  
      Impedance  5000 Ohm  
      Impedance, Input  5000 Ohm  
      Maximum Pressure Measured  60 (413.69) PSI (kPa)  
      Mounting Type  Surface Mount  
      Output  I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  
      Output Type  I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  
      Package Type  14-SOIC Module, Top Port  
      Port Size, Gauge  Male - 0.12 (3) Tube, Dual In. (mm)  
      Port Style  Barbed  
      Pressure, Operating  1 (6.89) PSI (kPa)  
      Range, Measurement  1 psi  
      Sensor Type  Pressure  
      Supply Voltage  10 VDC  
      Temperature Coefficient  30 %/°C  
      Temperature, Operating  -40 ~ 125 °C  
      Temperature, Range  -40 to 125 °C  
      Termination  SMD  
      Type  Vented Gauge  


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    Accuracy ±1.5 %  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Accuracy ±1.5 %  Pressure Sensors Accuracy ±1.5 %  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Accuracy ±1.5 %   Brand/Series NPA Series  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Brand/Series NPA Series  Pressure Sensors Brand/Series NPA Series  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Brand/Series NPA Series   Current, Supply 1.5 mA  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Current, Supply 1.5 mA  Pressure Sensors Current, Supply 1.5 mA  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Current, Supply 1.5 mA   Features Temperature Compensated  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Features Temperature Compensated  Pressure Sensors Features Temperature Compensated  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Features Temperature Compensated   Function Pressure  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Function Pressure  Pressure Sensors Function Pressure  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Function Pressure   Impedance 5000 Ohm  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Impedance 5000 Ohm  Pressure Sensors Impedance 5000 Ohm  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Impedance 5000 Ohm   Impedance, Input 5000 Ohm  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Impedance, Input 5000 Ohm  Pressure Sensors Impedance, Input 5000 Ohm  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Impedance, Input 5000 Ohm   Maximum Pressure Measured 60 (413.69) PSI (kPa)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Maximum Pressure Measured 60 (413.69) PSI (kPa)  Pressure Sensors Maximum Pressure Measured 60 (413.69) PSI (kPa)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Maximum Pressure Measured 60 (413.69) PSI (kPa)   Mounting Type Surface Mount  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Mounting Type Surface Mount  Pressure Sensors Mounting Type Surface Mount  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Mounting Type Surface Mount   Output I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Output I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  Pressure Sensors Output I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Output I<sub>2</sub>C Digital   Output Type I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Output Type I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  Pressure Sensors Output Type I<sub>2</sub>C Digital  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Output Type I<sub>2</sub>C Digital   Package Type 14-SOIC Module, Top Port  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Package Type 14-SOIC Module, Top Port  Pressure Sensors Package Type 14-SOIC Module, Top Port  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Package Type 14-SOIC Module, Top Port   Port Size, Gauge Male - 0.12 (3) Tube, Dual In. (mm)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Port Size, Gauge Male - 0.12 (3) Tube, Dual In. (mm)  Pressure Sensors Port Size, Gauge Male - 0.12 (3) Tube, Dual In. (mm)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Port Size, Gauge Male - 0.12 (3) Tube, Dual In. (mm)   Port Style Barbed  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Port Style Barbed  Pressure Sensors Port Style Barbed  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Port Style Barbed   Pressure, Operating 1 (6.89) PSI (kPa)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure, Operating 1 (6.89) PSI (kPa)  Pressure Sensors Pressure, Operating 1 (6.89) PSI (kPa)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Pressure, Operating 1 (6.89) PSI (kPa)   Range, Measurement 1 psi  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Range, Measurement 1 psi  Pressure Sensors Range, Measurement 1 psi  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Range, Measurement 1 psi   Sensor Type Pressure  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Sensor Type Pressure  Pressure Sensors Sensor Type Pressure  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Sensor Type Pressure   Supply Voltage 10 VDC  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Supply Voltage 10 VDC  Pressure Sensors Supply Voltage 10 VDC  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Supply Voltage 10 VDC   Temperature Coefficient 30 %/°C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Temperature Coefficient 30 %/°C  Pressure Sensors Temperature Coefficient 30 %/°C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Temperature Coefficient 30 %/°C   Temperature, Operating -40 ~ 125 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Temperature, Operating -40 ~ 125 °C  Pressure Sensors Temperature, Operating -40 ~ 125 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Temperature, Operating -40 ~ 125 °C   Temperature, Range -40 to 125 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Temperature, Range -40 to 125 °C  Pressure Sensors Temperature, Range -40 to 125 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Temperature, Range -40 to 125 °C   Termination SMD  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Termination SMD  Pressure Sensors Termination SMD  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Termination SMD   Type Vented Gauge  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Type Vented Gauge  Pressure Sensors Type Vented Gauge  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Pressure Sensors Type Vented Gauge  
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