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    熱門搜索詞:  Connectors  8910DPA43V02  Amphenol  UVZSeries 160VDC  70084122  IM21-14-CDTRI

    C100F103J - 

    Thermistor; 10; PCB Mount Mtg. Type; 1.5" Lead; Bare Tinned Copper

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors C100F103J
    View C100F103J Datasheet Datasheet
    訂購熱線: 400-900-3095  0755-21000796, QQ:800152669, Email:sales@szcwdz.com


    Bare Tinned Copper , 1.5 in. Lead Length, Epoxy Coated PCB Mount Chip Thermistors

    Well suited for temperature measurement, control and compensation applications, low cost makes them ideal for high volume applications such as energy management systems, small appliance controls, automotive and industrial equipment controls. These units exhibit faster still air response times than comparable glass probe devices while maintaining a relatively high dissipation constant and are manufactured to closer resistance tolerances. Maximum Power Level: 0.075 watt at 25°C (derating to zero watt at 100°C). Dissipation Constant In Still Air: 1 mW/°C. Thermal Time Constant In Still Air: 10 sec. Although suitable for applications in the temperature range of -80°C to +150°C, best stability is achieved at temperatures not exceeding 105°C. Quantity price breaks are available. Contact your local Allied sales representative.
    Suitable for temperature measurement, control and compensation.


      Brand/Series  C100 Series  
      Coating  Epoxy  
      Diameter, Disc  0.100 in. (Max.)  
      Diameter, Lead  0.012 in.  
      Dissipation Constant  1 mW?°C (Still Air)  
      Lead Material  Bare Tinned Copper  
      Length, Lead  1.5 in.  
      Mounting Type  PCB  
      Package Type  Disc  
      Power Rating  75 mW (Max.) @ +25°C  
      Resistance  10 kilohms  
      Special Features  Fast Response  
      Temperature, Operating, Maximum  +150 °C  
      Temperature, Operating, Minimum  -50 °C  
      Termination  Radial Leads  
      Time Constant  10 Sec.  
      Tolerance  ±5 %  
      Type  NTC  


    Brand/Series C100 Series  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Brand/Series C100 Series  Thermistors Brand/Series C100 Series  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Brand/Series C100 Series   Coating Epoxy  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Coating Epoxy  Thermistors Coating Epoxy  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Coating Epoxy   Diameter, Disc 0.100 in. (Max.)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Diameter, Disc 0.100 in. (Max.)  Thermistors Diameter, Disc 0.100 in. (Max.)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Diameter, Disc 0.100 in. (Max.)   Diameter, Lead 0.012 in.  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Diameter, Lead 0.012 in.  Thermistors Diameter, Lead 0.012 in.  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Diameter, Lead 0.012 in.   Dissipation Constant 1 mW?°C (Still Air)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Dissipation Constant 1 mW?°C (Still Air)  Thermistors Dissipation Constant 1 mW?°C (Still Air)  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Dissipation Constant 1 mW?°C (Still Air)   Lead Material Bare Tinned Copper  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Lead Material Bare Tinned Copper  Thermistors Lead Material Bare Tinned Copper  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Lead Material Bare Tinned Copper   Length, Lead 1.5 in.  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Length, Lead 1.5 in.  Thermistors Length, Lead 1.5 in.  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Length, Lead 1.5 in.   Mounting Type PCB  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Mounting Type PCB  Thermistors Mounting Type PCB  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Mounting Type PCB   Package Type Disc  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Package Type Disc  Thermistors Package Type Disc  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Package Type Disc   Power Rating 75 mW (Max.) @ +25°C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Power Rating 75 mW (Max.) @ +25°C  Thermistors Power Rating 75 mW (Max.) @ +25°C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Power Rating 75 mW (Max.) @ +25°C   Resistance 10 kilohms  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Resistance 10 kilohms  Thermistors Resistance 10 kilohms  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Resistance 10 kilohms   Special Features Fast Response  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Special Features Fast Response  Thermistors Special Features Fast Response  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Special Features Fast Response   Temperature, Operating, Maximum +150 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Temperature, Operating, Maximum +150 °C  Thermistors Temperature, Operating, Maximum +150 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Temperature, Operating, Maximum +150 °C   Temperature, Operating, Minimum -50 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Temperature, Operating, Minimum -50 °C  Thermistors Temperature, Operating, Minimum -50 °C  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Temperature, Operating, Minimum -50 °C   Termination Radial Leads  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Termination Radial Leads  Thermistors Termination Radial Leads  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Termination Radial Leads   Time Constant 10 Sec.  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Time Constant 10 Sec.  Thermistors Time Constant 10 Sec.  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Time Constant 10 Sec.   Tolerance ±5 %  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Tolerance ±5 %  Thermistors Tolerance ±5 %  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Tolerance ±5 %   Type NTC  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Type NTC  Thermistors Type NTC  Amphenol Advanced Sensors Thermistors Type NTC  
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